short instruction
1. Put your arm through the shoulder strap on either shoulder.

2. Lift the child as you normally do high on your hip, with one leg on each side of your body.

3. Put the ring into the hook. IMPORTANT: Adjust correctly. It’s adjustable both back and front – get the child as high as possible so its arm is over your shoulder. This is comfortable for both, and the child enjoys being on the same level. Great for zoo and museum visits. If you are a woman, adjust the shoulder strap so the hook is above your breast instead of on top of it.

The storage bag has an extra long lid - it can be fitted directly to the handles of a bike, a pram, or the strap of you child care bag.

Enjoy your 3rdhand – feel free to contact us with thoughts and experiences.

Good ideas are rewarded!

Use with caution and common sense - no riding, bicycling, running etc. This is a carrying aid, not a backpack - always keep an arm behind your child. Do not carry infants < 1yr.